The OneJob TwoMinds Candidate Pairing Process

In a nutshell the process looks something like this:

We make job sharing simple. We present two individuals as one candidate to fulfil a full-time role,  providing organisations with two minds for one job.

Our mission is to make job sharing an everyday reality in the Australian and New Zealand workplace. We work with innovative organisations and leaders who embrace a progressive attitude.

Our candidates are highly skilled and career-minded individuals who want to commit to their career without compromising on other important areas of their lives. While job sharing is an option for all job seekers, we recognise that it is particularly relevant for women who are raising families and who seek to continue workforce participation throughout this period where they require flexibility.

A lack of diversity within senior roles and leadership positions is a problem throughout the corporate landscape in Australia. Job sharing is an effective method to ensure continued participation of women in the workforce and to address the lack of women in senior leadership and board positions. At the same time, it provides organisations with strong and experienced talent to fill vacancies and helps to represent them as a dynamic employer of choice.

OneJob TwoMinds provides “access all areas” to tap into a talent brains trust only available to work over part-time hours.

We don’t believe an employee should have to compromise on a meaningful career, seniority or remuneration, due to the need or desire for flexibility. We know that workplaces are better when they embrace a diverse and engaged workforce.

We’re also discovering a growing number of individuals who are passionate about exploring other projects and interests. Job sharing allows them to do so without putting their career on hold.

Job sharing offers all types of individuals with infinite opportunities to achieve their full potential. Discover what works best for you and call us on +61 412 788 398 or email us today.

Throughout her career, Endi often found herself representing highly skilled and talented women who were seeking flexible opportunities. These opportunities were few and far between and the candidates often had to sacrifice a rewarding role, fair remuneration and employee progression, for flexible working arrangements. After juggling the demands of being a mother herself with the stress, responsibility and sales targets of a full-time role condensed into flexible hours, Endi burnt out. During her sabbatical, Endi was able to reassess her lifestyle and her priorities and it was during this time that OneJob TwoMinds was born.

Endi is passionate about creating pathways for individuals to combine successful careers with balanced and fulfilling lifestyles. Pathways that support an individual’s core values, enjoyment and ultimately job satisfaction. This passion led to her exploration of job sharing and the ways in which it benefits both candidates and clients. She discovered that job sharing not only allows for flexible working arrangements but also offers infinite opportunities and a wealth of benefits for all involved. One of those benefits is the unique ability for job sharers to manage their workflow and responsibilities effectively because they can switch off when they are not at work. So, whether at home spending time with family, on holiday or pursuing a passion, both clients and candidates can share high levels of confidence and peace of mind that the role and responsibilities are being managed competently and comprehensively given the continual coverage provided by two individuals.

A lifelong learner, so far Endi has completed a Double Degree in Business (Marketing) and Arts (Japanese), as well as a Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management. Endi is also DISC ADVANCED®  and Hogan certified.

Above all, Endi is passionate about connecting with people. She works to build honest and open relationships with clients and candidates. She is inspired by innovative organisations that aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo and courageous individuals who strive to live consciously and authentically.


At OneJob TwoMinds we support like-minded businesses with shared values. Our partners are equally passionate about creating pathways for individuals to live their best lives, from both a career and a personal perspective. Like the infinity symbol, our careers and our lives are entwined as never before, and to be our very best and most authentic selves, our jobs and lives must be compatible.

JobShare Match members are eligible to access exclusive offers and promotions from our partner organisations. Contact us on for specifics.